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    The Summer term timetable is a reduced selection of classes. If your choice isn't on it please email Catriona to be included on the email list for Autumn term which has a larger range.

    Languages on offer :

    Spanish, French, Italian, Russian



    (will open as a download, see bottom of screen)


     On line bookings for Summer 2017 have now closed. To add on to a course please call 020 8752 6666 or email Gayner Leach

     scroll down to see a description of the different levels and what they include! 


    Duration: 8 week course, 8 x 1.5 hour sessions

    Group Size: 5-10 people

    Timetable: 18.30-20.00 on select days

    Cost: Members - £130, Non Members - £160

    All materials such as hand-outs, worksheets and suggestions/resources for self-study are included as part of the course.

    LEVELS AVAILABLE Please register via the BBC website if you are:

     Absolute Beginner level– no previous learning experience of the language.

     Beginner 2 level – you have completed 1 term of language learning at the BBC, have taken another short language course somewhere else (approximately 15 hours of learning), or have taken a GCSE in the language but have not studied it since. This is the right level for you if you can say your name, where you’re from, your age, where you live, numbers 1-20 and basic courtesies.

    For these levels you can register and pay via the BBC website by selecting the class you want to attend. 


    DON’T PAY YET! First, email catrionaspandley@linguarama.com at Linguarama stating the language you’re interested in. Catriona will then send you instructions for a short level assessment to see if there is a Previous Experience group running at your level.


    We are also tracking interest for ‘less in demand’ languages such as German, Japanese and many others. We need 5 students at the same level to run a Request List Course. Interested? Email mailto:catrionaspandley@linguarama.com confirming the language, level and location you are interested in and we will run the course if we get enough students of the same language and level.


    Individual Tuition

    Linguarama now offers individual tuition through BBC Club. Cost for French, Italian and Spanish

    Club members - £720 for 12 hours tuition

    Non members - £820 for 12 hours Tuition

    Please contact Gayner Leach for details and for other language enquiries


    Catriona MacCallum

    Head of Foreign Languages