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    Give the Club a Try


    Spend the summer with BBC Club and try out our member benefits for a week for only £2.50


    See how much you can save?


    Includes one day gym trial, discounts on food & drink in Club sites, discounts in our Pop up shops, discounted Vue cinema tickets, FREE Radio Times and more…..

    Quids in? Then sign up in full by the end of August, pay nothing until September!

    Available to purchase from any Club site Club W1, Club Elstree or BC2, B3 W12


    £2.50 Offer only available to purchase in Club sites and gyms.

    You will be issued with a temporary membership card and you must be in possession of your membership card to obtain Club discounts

    If you wish to use the gym, you must contact the Gym team and book in your free session. bbcclub.com/alive

    Connect Club and some Club Extra offers not available on a temporary membership

    Temporary membership card will be valid for 7 consecutive days but will not be valid after 31August 2017 even if 7 days have not elapsed.