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    Preety Kaur is our qualified electro-acupuncturist with a BSc (Hons) Health Science degree in complimentary therapies.


    Electro-acupuncture utilises traditional acupuncture principles.

    Acupuncture is an ancient system of treatment part of the discipline of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is not, nor has it ever been, a complete system of medicine in its own right. It is however, effective in many conditions which have often not responded to conventional medicine approaches.

    Electro-acupuncture technique can be as effective as traditional needle acupuncture. It will work in the vast majority of cases.

    How does electro-acupuncture work?

    Stimulating an electro-acupuncture point by an electric current causes the body to release its own natural pain killer called endorphin (a protein molecule with very powerful pain killer capabilities). Endorphin is released by many parts of the nervous system. It has been found that the release of endorphin is only a part of the explanation for some of the successes of electro-acupuncture.

    In the body there are nerve fibres which are like large bundles of various sized cables, some thick and some thin. The thin fibres transmit the sensation of pain, while the thick ones carry the sensation of touch. If impulse transmission in the thick (touch) fibre is increased, conduction in the thin (pain) fibre is selectively blocked. This provides a useful method of controlling pain. Anything that increases transmission in the touch fibres, such as rubbing an injured knee, will help relieve some of the pain. Electro-acupuncture has been found to increase transmission in the thick (touch) fibres to some extent, although the intensity of stimulation is low.

    When an injury takes place, or disease occurs, a current is produced local to that damage. At the same time, the properties of the related electro-acupuncture point change, and there are also electrical changes in the acupuncture points in relationship to the surrounding skin.  

    What is found is that if an electrical current is driven through a semi conductive tissue then normal conductive properties will be restored, the stored change in the damaged area will be discharged and the resultant symptoms will disappear, often with sufficient treatment this can result in a complete disappearance of the problem.

    In conclusion, therefore, electro-acupuncture points only become electrically active when a dysfunction is present in the body.

    Electro acupuncture can treat; painful disorders, ear, nose & throat problems. skin allergies, chest problems, sports & industrial Injuries and general health maintenance

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

    The answer to this question is no. While having a positive state of mind helps with any type of treatment, conventional or otherwise, it is not necessary to "believe" in electro-acupuncture for it to work. This is evidenced not only through clinical study in "non-believers", but by the fact that animals and small children who cannot be instructed to "believe" receive relief through the use of electro-acupuncture.

    Does it hurt?

    The sensation of receiving an electro-acupuncture treatment can rarely be described as painful. That is not to say that it is devoid of sensation. But, generally the feeling is more of a tingling. Following treatment it is common for the patient to feel a tremendous sense of relaxation or exhilaration.

    How many treatments will I need?

    The total number of treatments required to effect change in a condition varies dependent upon the health issue, and its severity, the duration of the illness, and the frequency of the treatments. Recent injuries and conditions seen at an early stage will often improve immediately. Those conditions that have been present for longer periods may require more treatment.  As a rough guideline, the maximum benefit is usually obtained after approximately six treatments at weekly intervals. In some cases even after two treatments benefit is obtained. In some cases treatments at three month intervals followed by one or two occasional treatments may be recommended to prevent recurrence.

    Is it safe?

    It is safe with no side effects

    What are the effects?

    A relief of at least 40-60% of the symptoms felt and a promotion of healing to the body as well as tissue regeneration.

    How should I prepare for treatment sessions?

    The best general advice is to come in a calm state. You should not have recently eaten a large meal, nor should you be fasting for more than 6 hours before your appointment. The use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs is also not recommended prior to or just following a treatment.

    What happens during the treatment?

    Depending on the areas to be treated, you may be positioned on your back, your stomach, your side, or sitting. Be certain that you can remain relaxed in this position. The duration of the treatment, usually takes 45mins-1hour including a medical case history. It is not required to remove all clothing.



    Prices & Appointments

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    E: PreetyJi@hotmail.co.uk
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