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    Life Enhancement Coaching

    The Process

    Life Enhancement Coaching is aimed at maintaining your body, mind and spirit in a state of homeostasis, helping you to stay in a flow, despite any negative influences, to be flexible, to release your potential. The process is designed to provide you with a personal empowering space to make necessary life changes, to take important decisions, to remove any fears and limiting beliefs which might be in the way to your self-discovery and a more fulfilled life.

    The process is:

    • Fully focused on you
    • Completely confidential
    • Non-judgmental and impartial
    • Deeply supportive
    • Empowering
    • You assume responsibility to take actions towards positive changes and enjoying the results
    • Availability of support and your accountability to the coach is a crucial factor of your practical achievement.

    Working with Julia to Enhance Your Life

    Julia brings a deep understanding of each client’s individual needs. She has helped many people to connect with their true path, gain confidence, enjoy a fulfilled life and enhance their positive mindset and wellbeing. With her caring, intuitive manner, Julia creates a comfortable and inspiring environment for changes to happen in the most natural way. She is a certified personal performance coach andan NLP practitioner.


    • Focused conversation
    • Essential questions
    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)*
    • Guided visualisation**

    * NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feelings, language and behaviour to produce their results, how we can influence the outcome through changing our mental and language patterns, perceptions and perspectives, how to observe and model the desired performances.

    ** Visualisation is a “mental rehearsal” and reproduction of events, associations and images in our mind. Visualisation is the art of creative use of our mind to gain access to new perspectives, ideas and resources, it is a short cut to test a desired outcome and mobilise the resources to achieve it.


    • Face-to-face sessions in the BBC NBH, W1
    • Skype session
    • Telephone session
    • Email support
    • Homework, personal awareness and development exercises
    • Individual guided visualisation tapes

    Benefits and Programmes
    • Confidence building
    • Making a positive change
    • Decision making
    • Clear communication
    • Do the job you like
    • Successful interviews and public speaking
    • Maintaining high level of energy and motivation
    • Stress management
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Creating positive and resourceful mindset
    • Harmonious relationships

    Enquiries and bookings:
    email juliahumble7@gmail.com
    tel. 07989 067 933

    Contact Julia for a free introductory session


    07989 067 933 


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