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    Osteopathy is a medically recognised primary care profession although no GP referral is necessary and focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, and the effects of these conditions on patients' general health. Treatment is via the muscles and skeletal system. Whilst we primarily treat pain, both acute and chronic, we aim to treat the whole body and a myriad of conditions.

    Osteopaths are registered and insured and trained at degree level. Utilising the diagnostic procedures applied in conventional medical assessment we ensure that treatment is safe for each patient. Annual evidence-based training is undertaken to maintain continuing professional excellence.

    Osteopaths' patient-centred approach to health and wellbeing means we consider symptoms in the context of the patient's full medical history, as well as their lifestyle and personal circumstances. This whole body approach ensures that all treatment is tailored to the individual patient.

    Treatment can be to relieve acute or chronic pain or similar to regularly servicing a car can be on a maintenance basis to avoid those painful surprises resulting from the general stresses of modern life. If Osteopathic treatment is not suitable for you, an appropriate referral will be made.

    What can Osteopathy treat?

    Commonly treated conditions include
    • back and neck pain (acute and chronic)
    • whiplash
    • sciatica
    • postural problems
    • minor sporting injuries e.g. tennis/golfers elbow, shin splints
    • muscle and joint deterioration
    • restricted mobility and occupational ill-health
    • nerve pain
    • arthritic pain
    • headaches arising from the neck, and migraine prevention
    • shoulder and elbow problems where they arise from the back and/or neck
    • frozen shoulder
    • digestive problems

    These are examples – for more information contact us.

    We don't just do backs!

    Osteopathic treatment is primarily 'hands on' but each individual is different hence we use a variety of techniques to enable you to reach optimum health. These include:
    • Soft tissue massage, stretching and mobilisation to release painful muscles and ease joint restrictions
    • High velocity thrusts (HVT’s) to release joints (only if necessary and with patient consent)
    • Cranial techniques, very gentle, often used with babies and children but great for adults too and for alleviating chronic problems
    • Medical acupuncture – beneficial for frozen shoulders, and headaches http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19622016
    • Visceral massage (on the stomach)
    • Osteopathic treatment for digestion problems

    Ergonomic, postural, exercise, nutritional and stress advice where it is appropriate.
    Additionally we work with a broad spectrum of specialists in another areas including MRI facilities.

    How to book

    Any patient may self-refer. GP and consultant referrals are also welcome.

    Please be advised that whilst treating we are unlikely to answer our phones or have access to email. Contact via text is therefore preferable.

    Book online via nw2osteopath.co.uk

    Treatment cost

    Initial assessments followed by treatment cost £60 for 45 minutes. Follow-up treatment sessions for 30 minutes cost £50. We accept cash and cheques only. Please note that cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a half fee charge.

    10 min consultations are also available (no treatment included) for £10.


    Health insurance: 
We are recognised by all major health insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, Norwich Union, Cigna and PruHealth. Please contact your insurance provider for authorisation prior to treatment and be aware you will be liable for any outstanding fees not covered by your policy.

    For more information please go to nw2osteopath.co.uk

    Helen Beuschel 

    Registered Osteopath & Medical Acupuncturist at the BBC.

    Contact Osteopathy

    Helen Beuschel
    BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, BSc Biochemistry/Toxicology
    Member of British Medical Acupuncture Society
    DSE assessor
    07807 77 77 56
    BBC Club W1 Monday afternoons and Wednesday Mornings.