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    2 April 2019

    How to get rid of pain

    Posted by Julia Kay


    Are you struggling with lower back pain, a stiff neck, persistent shoulder pain, aching wrists, a slipped disc or sciatica? If so, no doubt you are hell-bent on getting rid of it. But any problem is likely to flare up again if the symptoms are alleviated without resolving the underlying cause.

    Our instinctive reaction to pain is to tense up which affects the body’s ability to heal itself and can even make matters worse. The muscular tension which builds up around pain can hang on long after it has outlived the initial response to protect an injury.                                    

    The Alexander Technique can help by stopping you inadvertently exacerbating the pain.

    One of the main causes of pain or injury is that we often don’t use our  bodies the way they have been designed to be used. If you drive around in a car with the handbrake on you wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually broke down.

    Another problem is that many everyday tasks require a lot less effort than we normally use. Is it really necessary to hold your biro in a vice like grip? 

    Learning to monitor yourself is a huge first step.

    Do you have more weight on one foot when standing in a queue. Have you noticed whether you arch your back? Do you haul yourself up to try to improve your posture? How do you hold your phone? Or eat your lunch? It’s often the things we don’t realise we are doing that are at the root of the problem.

    Being deskbound is very challenging for the spine.  We are static apart from seemingly innocuous repetitive movements which can wreak havoc. Being busy, in a rush, concentrating hard - we ignore the warning signs of feeling uncomfortable. We only realise anything is wrong when something starts to hurt and we can no longer ignore it.

    The Alexander Technique is a tool to deal with an uncomfortable tired achy body before it develops into chronic and debilitating pain. Many people are surprised to discover how much influence they can have over their own pain.

    Everybody’s favourite part of an Alexander Technique session involves lying down with a couple of books to support your head to give your spine the maximum mount of rest. This is where you begin to understand how to slow down and recover no matter what you’ve been up to during the day.




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