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    4 September 2019

    It Pays to Pay Attention to Your Posture

    Posted by Julia Kay

    In a hurry? Got a deadline and a mountain of work to get through? Thinking about your posture is unlikely to be a priority. But strangely enough if you do it will help you get things done far more easily.

    The important thing to understand is that posture is not a fixed ideal shape. It can reflect our feelings and be a response to what’s going on around us. 

    It’s interesting to notice what happens to your posture when you get onto a crowded train. When the computer is slow. Or you are trying to block out the distractions of a noisy open plan office.

    Posture is a habit which has become so automatic that your body and brain are no longer aware of it. The first step is to notice what happens to your posture when you are under pressure.

    It’s all too easy to get so focussed on what we are doing that we switch off any attention to our body even if we are beginning to feel uncomfortable.

    As you sit at your desk do you notice whether your shoulders are tense and tight as you peer at the screen? Are you leaning more to one side? Do you constrict your breathing when you are concentrating or stressed?  

    And what do you do when you are about to speak in a meeting? To my surprise I discovered that I tightened under my arms while I was attempting to get a word in edgeways. It turned out to be a significant insight for me.

    It’s often these seemingly trivial habits which multiply over the day leaving us feeling drained and in pain.

    The Alexander Technique will help you maintain a comfortable posture throughout the day. Understanding what our bodies are getting up to when there are so many other demands on our attention gives us the chance to change harmful habits. 

    Paying attention to your posture can alleviate back and neck pain and help you feel more at ease, more alert and energetic. 

    Appointments include a relaxing and restorative lie down which gives your back a very effective rest.


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