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    Directing Workshop Part One

    1 October from 9am to 6pm

    NBH, W1, Film Production

    Film members £25, Club members £35, Non members £45


    Introduction to Directing Part one

    A fun packed workshop geared to enhance your skills to confidently control the creative process to maximise your effectiness on a shoot. 

    This workshop will enable you to gain a basic understanding of how to plan for a shoot and learn what you require for a basic edit. It will equip you to pull all the various film making skills that you have learned or acquired to date together.

    It will help you create your vision of a script and explain your vision to your crew to capture your actors' performances as you deem appropriate in the realisation of your vision on film.

    This is a fun workshop with some surprises along the way.

    Location: NBH W1 

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    Directing Workshop
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    If you want further information please email ade.braithwaite@bbc.co.uk