Alexander Technique

How the Alexander Technique can help you...

Often we get to the end of the day feeling tense, drained of energy, or worse – in pain. The Alexander Technique helps you do everything you want to do without injuring yourself. It’s about efficiency of effort and becoming much more conscious of how we’re doing things.

What the Alexander Technique can help with...

Office Life

We’ve evolved over millions of years but we haven’t adapted well to sitting at a desk for hours on end glued to a computer.

To make matters worse, our devotion to our smart phones and laptops now means we can do just as much damage to ourselves on the move.

Being permanently contactable and having the whole world at our fingertips has its downside. The resulting injuries can be chronic and debilitating.

Frederick Matthias Alexander, born in 1869, developed his technique long before the proliferation of electronic devices. But understanding how to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of injury is invaluable. Often it’s the things we don’t realise we are doing which are at the root of the problem.

About Me

My previous job was at Broadcasting House as a producer for Woman’s Hour and documentaries for Radio 4, deskbound for many hours peering at a screen writing scripts and editing programmes.

No surprise that I had recurring lower back pain, ranging from uncomfortable to very sore.

After numerous appointments with chiropractors, osteopaths, physio-therapists, as well as Pilates, massages, and exercise classes, a friend suggested I tried the Alexander Technique. And that is what actually put an end to the pain and helped me understand what to do when my back felt tired and achy.

My training took three years studying full time at the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training in Islington.

I am a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique which is the professional body for Alexander Technique teachers.

Booking an Appointment

Please do get in touch to find out more.

Appointments last 45 minutes and cost £40.

People often start to see changes after one or two sessions.

Relatively quickly many say they feel more comfortable, more energetic, and calmer.

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Alexander Technique

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