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BBC Club offers both beginner and more advanced courses in: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic,  Japanese.

All materials such as hand-outs, worksheets and suggestions/resources for self-study are included as part of the course.

If you have a query or you wish to be added to the emailing list please e-mail

A minimum of 5 people is required for the course to go ahead.

Language Course Format

Duration: 8 week course, 8 x 1.5 hour sessions.
Group Size: 5-10 people.
Timetable: NBH 18.30-20.00 on select days 

Language Course Cost

Membership Type
Course Price
Club Member

* you must remain a member for the duration of the course.

For Continuing Students

Please sign up to the next level. B1 is total beginners (first term), B2 second term, B3 third term etc. If you are not sure which level you last completed e-mail and she will advise on next steps.

For Those With Existing Knowledge Of The Language

Please e-mail Ciaran stating the language you’re interested in. Alternatively please click here for the online assessment to determine your level and help us to assign  you to the appropriate group.

Other Languages

We are also tracking interest for more “exotic” languages. We need 5 students at the same level to run a Request List Course.

Interested? e-mail Ciaran confirming the language and location you are interested in and we will run the course if we get enough students to form a class. Please also state if you are a complete beginner in the language or have some knowledge of it already.

Individual Tuition

Linguarama now offers individual tuition through BBC Club. Cost for French, Italian and Spanish.

Membership Type
Course Price
Club Member
£720* (for 12 hours tuition)
£820* (for 12 hours tuition)

* you must remain a member for the duration of the course.
Refunds cannot be given once a course is confirmed.

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