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    Membership Prices

    Prices valid from 1 Nov 2015

    Full Club Membership BBC Payroll* 0.03% salary + 42p admin per month (maximum fee of £10 per month) through salary
    Non Payroll** £10 per month by Direct Debit
    Club Salford, Club Perivale , Club Lancashire † BBC Payroll* £4.50 per month through salary
    Non Payroll** £4.50 per month by Direct Debit
    Affiliate £5.00 per month By Direct Debit
    Friends & Family BBC Payroll* Half of full member rate per person through Primary Member’s Salary
      Non Payroll** £5 per month by Direct Debit
    Retired*** Pension Payroll £3 per month
    Non Pension Payroll £3 per month by Direct Debit
    Alumni Full Membership**** Direct Debit £10 per month
    Alumni Affiliate Membership**** Direct Debit £5 per month

    * BBC / BBC WW/  Redbee Media / pensions / monthly payroll employees

    ** Contractors / non-BBC payroll staff / weekly BBC payroll staff

    *** You must be a retired BBC employee

    ****You must be a BBC Alumni member who has served at least 1 year at BBC.

    † Open to Salford/Lancashire/Perivale based staff only



    London gym membership*

    London Club gyms (all) - £20 per month (payroll) and £20.50 (DD)
    Elstree gym only - £10 per month by DD.


    £5 Minimum + £1 per ticket thereafter


    Priced by activity

    Benefits and Cashback



    Refer to Member Benefits to see what is included for each Membership Type 

    You must be a Full, F&F or Retired member to qualify for gym membership. Alumni members cannot apply for gym membership.

    You must be an Affiliate, Full, Salford, Lancashire, Perivale, F&F, Alumni or Retired member to qualify for Lottery subscription or  Connect Club membership.

    For individual Connect Club Fees refer to your chosen Connect Club

    * We have negotiated discounted gym memberships with Virgin Active for all our Club members across the country. Click Here for details