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    Membership Prices


    Full Club Membership BBC Payroll* 0.03% salary + 42p admin per month (maximum fee of £9.99 per month) through salary
    Non Payroll** £9.99 per month by Direct Debit
    BBC Club Noth (Salford, Club Lancashire) † BBC Payroll* £4.50 per month through salary increasing to £5.00 on 1st June 2019
    Non Payroll** £4.50 per month by Direct Debit increasing to £5.00 on 1st June 2019
    Affiliate £5.00 per month By Direct Debit
    Friends & Family  £5.00 per month by Direct Debit
    Retired*** Pension Payroll £3 per month
    Non Pension Payroll £3 per month by Direct Debit
    Alumni Full Membership**** Direct Debit £9.99 per month
    Alumni Affiliate Membership**** Direct Debit £5 per month

    * BBC / BBC WW/  Redbee Media/ Ericsson / pensions / monthly payroll employees

    ** Contractors / non-BBC payroll staff / weekly BBC payroll staff

    *** You must be a retired BBC employee

    ****You must be a BBC Alumni member who has served at least 1 year at BBC.

    † Open to Salford/Lancashire based staff only



    London gym membership

    London Club gyms (all) - £20 per month (payroll) and £20.50 (DD)
    Elstree gym only - £15 per month by DD.


    £5 Minimum + £1 per ticket thereafter


    Priced by activity




    Refer to Member Benefits to see what is included for each Membership Type 

    You must be a Full or Retired member to qualify for gym membership. Alumni members cannot apply for gym membership.

    You must be an Affiliate, Full, Salford, Lancashire, Alumni or Retired member to qualify for Lottery subscription or  Connect Club membership.

    For individual Connect Club Fees refer to your chosen Connect Club