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    Get Together with friends and Colleagues



    January doesn't have to be a blue, alcohol free month. Our Clubs are the perfect place to catch up with friends over lunch or a drink.

    Don't forget as a Full Member you get £1 discount on food & beverage in the Clubs  (click here for details)

    Plus every month we have a range of special monthly member offers:


    Jacket Potatoes - £1

    Coconut Porridge - £1

    Ginuary - if you aren't dry, try dry Ginuary. Try Bombay Sapphire, Opihr or Badacro gins with a mixer for £3.

    IF you need a night out why not come along to our showcase of BBC talent - Anything Goes at Club W1, or join our Film Screening Club to see the latest block buster in a private cinema.

    For more details of opening times and events in the BBC Clubs click here.

    For more information on any of the activities or events bbcclub.com/calendar