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    Try Something New ......


    Ever done anything just for the sake of it. Not because you have to but because you would like to? Why not try out a new hobby or learn a new skill? We have lots of opportunities for you to broaden your horizons and to take part in something you just enjoy doing!


    We have 18 Connect Clubs offering a range of activities from scuba diving to radio theatre. Try out one out for FREE*. Contact the individual Connect Club to arrange a taster or introduction. bbcclub.com/connect *member activity fees may still be applicable 

    We also offer 3 terms of language courses per year, run from BBC buildings in W1, W12 and Salford. The Spring term starts in late January. If you would like to brush up your arabic or learn some spanish for your summer holidays. Take a look at what we can offer.

    Sing in the shower, but too shy to perform alone. Have you ever thought about joining a choir?  Find out more about our taster workshop.

    Or perhaps you would like to learn how to sign. Our British Sign Language Course also introduces you to deaf culture aswell as teaching you this valuable skill.