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    Therapies in the Club


    BBC Club promotes a wide range of alternative therapies based from our on-site treatment room at Club W1

    **Treatments listed below are currently suspended during Corona Virus restrictions.**

    All the therapists listed operate as independents, their qualifications and insurances are checked before BBC Club promotes their services, however, we recommend that if in doubt as to whether a particular therapy, or any advice given, is appropriate for your condition, please consult your doctor before booking a consultation or proceeding with treatment. 


    For the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal disorders.

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    Alexander Technique

    The Alexander Technique is about efficiency of effort and becoming much more conscious of how you are doing things.

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    Life Coaching

    Maintain your body, mind and spirit in a state of homeostasis, helping you to stay in a flow, despite any negative influences, to be flexible and to release your potential.

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    Sports massage

    Massage to relieve stress, tension and postural related issues

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    Electro acupuncture

    Utilising traditional acupuncture principles, electro acupuncture can be as effective as traditional needle acupuncture

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