Benefits of Osteopathy


We understand the healing power of touch.  Body work is for everyone not as a luxury, but a necessity!

Osteopathy restores normal function to the bodily tissues.  Increasing the body’s circulation improves the oxygen and nutrition needed for the body to repair, regenerate and re-grow for optimal health.

Sohini practices all three forms of osteopathy- structural, cranial and visceral, along with a variety of osteopathic modules such as joint articulation and manipulation, massage therapies, cupping therapy, dry needling so that we can be as healthy as possible.  Her approach to osteopathy is augmented by her naturopathic training.

Mind and Energy

Your mind controls the way your body functions.  Modern lifestyle and stresses can block the natural flow of energy within our body, thereby depleting our vitality.

Just as our body regenerates with food and oxygen, our energy field also requires nourishing from nature’s elements.  When you clear negativity and blockages and create balance, your body can truly express health on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Advance Sound Wave Energy is a treatment that works on the light body level of energy centres (chakras) like reiki and goes beyond with deeper layers up to the intrapersonal level.  Sohini finds this therapy augments well with her osteopathy treatments.  To treat your physical symptoms from a mind and energy perspective is an essential part of holistic well-being.


Osteopathy treats a wide range of ailments including:

About Sohini

Sohini is a holistic health practitioner, graduating from the British College of Osteopathy and Naturopathy with a BA in Osteopathy and a diploma in Naturopathy.  She is a registered osteopath since 2000 and an intuitive energy healer.  Along with her osteopathic medical training she continually pursues her passion for a truly holistic approach with further training.

In her career she has treated many clients including the US Air Force personnel, London Theatre entertainers and Royal Ballet dancers.

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