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AWBS Wine Drive

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AWBS Wine Drive
Most of you know what a Wine Drive is by now but, for newer members, the basic idea is that there are eight wines, incognito, two bottles of each. Everyone has two glasses and the two wines on your table are compared with each other and a judgement is made as to which is the better. A simple system of scoring is used. The bottles are then changed around, and two more wines are compared and marked. This continues for a total of eight rounds by which time you will have tasted each wine twice but compared them with a different wine each time. Right! - finished with the mechanics, and if this has confused you, don't worry, it really is good fun, and you are trying some wines!
Contact Name
Robin James
Contact Details
15th May 2024
15th May 2024
6:45 pm
New Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA
£10 for members of AWBS, £15 for non-members

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