January Lottery Winners

Our January Lottery Winners are : Graham B wining £1,000 and our 10 x £100 winners: Alistair T, Tracie M, Kevin N, Guy H, Annette R, Michael T, Phillip M, Jane T, Pooria J and one anonymous winner. March is a £10,000 jackpot month so visit the lottery page for details!


December Lottery Winners

A massive Congratulations to our £10,000 December Jackpot winner: Peter S

and to the £1,000 winner: L R

Well done also to our £100 winners: Bryn E, Mark S, Michael S,  Les W, Andrew M, Will M, Samiha Z, David C and 1 other who prefers to be anonymous!

To enter the lottery or increase your shares email bbc.club@bbc.co.uk

December Competition winners

Congratulations to Samantha S and Andre L who have both won fabulous bottles of wine!

Its booze again in January, go to the competition page to enter!

November Lottery Winners

Congratulations this time to Angela R, our £1,000 winner! £100 is going to Will G, Andy L, Judy B, John C, Derek B, Janet M, Simon F, Abolfazl B, Marion J and one anonymous winner!

December is a £10,000 month as well as our usual prizes so get your shares now! Click here for details

October Lottery Winners

Our October £1,000 winner is Helen F – congratulations Helen! Winning £100 are: Julia W, Jodie S, Cyrus S, Jamie B, Philip B and David M. Harold S was drawn twice this month so he is getting £200! Well done Harold. Finally we have 2 winners who are anonymous  this month. December is  our Christmas lottery Jackpot month with a £10,000 prize as well as the usual £1,000 and 10 x £100 prizes. Click here for details!