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    BBC Ariel Flying Club

    The Flying Club is based at North Weald Airfield

    Whether you’d like to escape the congestion of London, fancy an exciting new challenge, or just want to go sightseeing around Britain, the Ariel Flying Club could be for you!

    With us, you can train for your private pilot’s licence, with fully qualified instructors in modern training aircraft, and then take your friends across the Channel for lunch in Le Touquet.

    Discounted Training Hours For Flying Club Members

    Learning to fly at North Weald costs £149 in a 2 seater C153 Cessna and £170 an hour in a 4 seater C174. The prices below are based on the 2 seater but the same subsidy amount can be applied to 4 seater hours.

    BBC Club Ariel Flying Club members can buy vouchers as follows: 

    No of lessons

    Normal Price

    Reduced Price

    Total saving

    Discount per lesson
















    Call 020 8752 6666 (Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm) to purchase vouchers 

    Flying is not difficult; all kinds of people of all ages have gained 
    their private pilot’s licences. BBC Flying Club members also benefit from 

            - No Landing Fees
            - Discounted text books
            - No Exam Fees

    You need a minimum of 45 hours of flying time to get your PPL. You start by learning the basics of how to control the aircraft, moving on to 
    take-offs and landings. Then you take your first solo flight!

    Discounted Flying Hours

    Flying hours are available to BBC Flying Club Members at a reduced cost of £84


    Use of an aircraft is subject to a variable fuel surcharge borne by the student (or pilot)

    To Book flying hours please contact North Weald Airfield on:

    01992 522090 or email: Enquiries

    To Purchase Training Vouchers please email BBC Club

    Please note, every booking is checked to ensure eligibility.


    Join the Club



    E: Cristian Pana