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    The Prospero Society is open to BBC Club members who have officially retired from the BBC along with their spouses (as long as they are also members of the BBC Club). Its purpose is to promote activities to alleviate the wrench that occurs when one retires and is deprived of the contacts made during the years of working in the BBC.

    Helping you get TOGETHER with friends or colleagues, or perhaps meet new ones. Prospero Society is the only section of the BBC Club run by and for retired BBC Staff and their partners.

    Its aim is to enable BBC pensioners to meet regularly for an organized programme of events.A regular newsletter keeps members informed of our activities.

    Activities include lunches, tours of museums, major entertainment venues and buildings of historical interest, theatre trips and a traditional Christmas lunch - all at subsidized prices for Prospero Society members.

    Cost to join £15 per year.

    June Events

    14th - Soane Museum and Introductory Talk

    Online booking closed, 2 spaces left for usual booking method

     July Events

    19th - Langdon Down Museum

    Online booking and booking open

    22nd - BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

    Booking Open

    August Events

    21st - Theatre Trip - Waitress

    Booking Open

    September Events

    6th - A Culinary Journey through China

    Booking Open

    27th - Supreme Court Tour and Refreshments

    Booking Open

    To book online you need to have a BBC Club card (with a number beginning 100) and that card must be registered on the website. You can book for yourself as a member and up to three guests but all members need to book for themselves on their own log in. Go to the bookings portal by using this link:



    in the box on the left hands side select courses, Site: W1, Activity: Shakespeare tour or soane museum, Start Month: June and number of places: 1 – 4. Then click the basket in the centre of the page to go to the payment portal. If you are booking for guests you will need to click ‘anonymous non-member’ and fill in the details for each guest.

    Please note, for non Prospero members booking will open next week.

    If you are booking for more than one person you must untick ‘apply for all activities’ box.

    Once successful you will receive a WorldPay receipt and a confirmation will be sent within 5 working days.

    Click here for the minutes of the 2019 Prospero AGM

    Click here for the minutes of the 2018 Prospero AGM

    Click here for the minutes of the 2017 Prospero AGM 

    Click here for the minutes of the 2016 Prospero AGM

    ON 12 November 2014 our Club Chairman gave us a very entertaining talk at Western House entitled 'Computing for Prospero members'. For a summary




    Carol Elliott

    All enquiries to:

    E: Gayner Leach

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