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    Radio Theatre

    Fancy acting behind the mic? Writing a radio script? Developing your technical flair? Listen to any of the plays on BBC Radio and you realise that the faces and settings you create in your imagination, fuelled by the actors' voices and effects, can be far more vivid than some stage or television interpretations. Whatever it is, you'll be able to do it for private broadcast and have lots of fun.


    Make around 2-3 big productions yearly
    Meet monthly for casting, scripting, acting, production and socialising
    Hold workshops on a range of subjects - most recently we held some on monologues, writing and production - we also invite guest speakers. 



    We use all the BBC equipment in a radio recording studio in Broadcasting House, so it's the real McCoy!



    You'll pick up bags of new skills on the job as we are a very hands on and friendly group. If there's something you need, you'll be with others who will be very happy to help you and pass on their knowledge.


    Training Opportunities


    Whether you yearn to play a lead role and put everything into it, or take on smaller parts, each piece has rehearsals and recordings so if you don't get it right first time, it doesn't matter, and with the miracles of editing it is possible to cut, add effects, fades, etc. and make the finished product sound in reality as it did in your imagination


    Learn (both in workshop sessions and experimentally) about setting up a studio, mixing, editing, and using sound effects - all enabling you to create a professional sounding result from raw recordings


    All welcome! Whether the script or play is your own or already published, you can put it forward for consideration.

    Cost to join

    £10 renewed annually


    Charlotte Simon

    E: charlotte.simon@bbc.co.uk
    T: 020 776 51160

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