What is Stretchology?

Low Intensity:

perfect for anyone with low energy  .

Slow Movements:

Perfect for someone with a fast lifestyle.

Control & Isolate: Perfect for someone who loves learning.

Your Area of Interest

 Neck Stretchology 

Shoulders Stretchology

Arms Stretchology

Lower Back Stretchology

Hips Stretchology

Quads Stretchology

Hamstring Stretchology

Calves Stretchology

Stretchology for job performance

Stretchology for work productivity

Stretchology for Self-Image

Stretchology for management

Stretchology for leadership

Stretchology for fitness


Prices & Packages

Gym members £35 Single Session or 4 Sessions for £120

Club members £40 Single Session or 4 Sessions for £140

Non- members £45 Single Session or 4 Sessions for £180

Our Approach

Simple Meditation

Control & Isolate Stretching

Mind to Body Coaching

Personalised Assisted Stretching

Guided Mindfulness

Your Benefits

Reduce Mental Stress

Improve Mental Wellbeing

Gain mental Clarity

Relieve Physical Aches

Improve body movements

Increase blood circulation

Restore Emotional Balance

Increase Awareness

Improve Mood

Your Outcomes


Enjoy your work day

Be more active

Improve your quality of work

Be happy & productive

Work well with others

Achieve more work goals

Solve more work problems

Be more confident

Join the Club

…and get to take part in activities, sports, courses and classes amongst the many other benefits

Contact Details


Coach Faisal
T: 07775413348

E: contact@cgrowthmindset.co.uk

W: www.cgrowthmindset.co.uk