Coach Faisal Stretchology

What is Stretchology?

Good question! A mixed methodology of Self-Stretching, Assisted Stretching, Meditation, Life

Coaching, and Mindfulness techniques that helps to bring the mind into the body, deactivate the muscles, and consciously process being in the state of the present moment.


Promotes self-development and self-reflection.

1: Enhances self-belief, trust, confidence, care, and worth.

2: Encourages self-understanding and self-love.

3: Supports overall health and well-being.

4: Increases energy levels and improves overall mood.

5: Promotes a healthy work-life balance.

6: Supports work-related stress management.

Our Coach

Our coach, Faisal, is a highly qualified professional with certifications in personal fitness training, advanced muscle stretching, and corporate wellness.

He is the creator of our Stretchology Class, the first of its kind, and has extensive experience working with small and big brands such as WeWork, First Fitness, Dubai World sports and  Netflix Film Production to name few.



Prices & Packages

Gym members £35 Single Session or 4 Sessions for £120

Club members £40 Single Session or 4 Sessions for £140

Non- members £45 Single Session or 4 Sessions for £180

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Contact Details


Coach Faisal
T: 07775413348