Preety Kaur has been administering a course of electro-acupuncture treatment to me for approximately a month.
I approached Preety out of desperation. I am 42 years of age and I have suffered from a stiff neck and aching shoulders since I was 23 years old. I have tried many treatments in the past; massage, heat treatment, laser treatment, dietary supplements, creams, lotions, potions, pain killers etc.- all to no avail.
Whilst not fully fixed yet, I have gained increased freedom of movement in my neck and measurable relief to my shoulders. On top of this, there have also been hidden benefits… not least of which, my knees rarely click these days!
I would have no hesitation in recommending Preety as a cure for all the above ailments and more!
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jason Bryan

Senior Media and Presentation Planner, BBC Poland, CBeebies, BBC Worldwide Global Channels, EMEA

I have been suffering from blocked sinuses for over a year and a half. It is very discomforting feeling as it can impede breathing. After using various remedies to eradicate the problem it appeared that it could only be resolved through a quick medical surgery.Then I read about Preety’s electro- acupuncture treatment which promoted a healthier body through immune system stimulation. I decided to give it a go as it promised no side effects.
After just one treatment I felt that my symptoms have disappeared and within a few days my breathing had reverted to normal. My sinuses are clear and I feel overall energised and healthy. Any stress and anxiety have also disappeared after my second treatment. I would definitely recommend the treatment as it worked for me and if your body responds as well as mine you will save yourself a lot of hassle and unnecessary medication.
Thanks a lot for helping improve my health. Really appreciate it.


BBC Club Bar Supervisor, TVC

Before the session I was very tired, lethargic, moody and my legs felt heavy. I didn’t know anything about electro-acupuncture and was a bit nervous but I felt reassured with preety’s presence and soon relaxed. I like the fact it was non invasive, quick, efficient and no nasty needles! I couldn’t believe how re-energised and perky I felt afterwards. I will gladly go back for another session.
Its short and honest.


I tore my Anterior cruciate ligament in my knee 5 years ago playing Netball, and I injured my knee again when I was doing a workout in the gym. It was extremely painful every time I put weight on my leg when walking. Preety spent an hour on my knee doing Electro acupuncture on my knee and the result was amazing.
The relief was almost instant and subsided. I have not felt any pain in my knee when walking ever since. I will be going to the hospital soon to get knee operated on and will defiantly go back to Preety for more treatments as the Electro acupuncture helps with the recovery time and blood flow to my knee.
Im so glad I discovered this treatment. It absolutely worked for me and will recommend this treatment to any one young or old.

M. Read

Gym Manger, Personal Trainer

I came to see Preety initially for my neck and shoulder pain, which I was suffering for 5 years. After having my first treatment I felt a reduction in pain straight away and over a course of 7 treatments my reduction in pain in both neck and my shoulders has decreased significantly. I feel 70 % better after 7 treatments and the pain is not constant as before.

During my course of treatments I noticed that I was sleeping better and that I was coping better with general stress levels.

As an added bonus my addiction for cigarettes is not there anymore as I do not crave the cigarettes. During the course of my treatments I have reduced the amount of cigarettes a day from 5 cigarettes to 2 cigarettes per day. On a social night I used to smoke 15 cigarettes and sometimes a packet. Now if I’m out on a social night at the most I have about 5 cigarettes and I do not desire any more after that. The treatment simply helped stop the cravings for the cigarettes. As a matter of fact I started developing an awareness that my body does not ask for cigarettes.

There are no more cravings which make me even happier that there has been a healthier change to my body. I will be occasionally having top up treatments to maintain my health.

Aude Vauconsant

Picture Researcher, Lonely Planet, Garden House BBC Media Centre

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