Music, Maestro, Please!

Whether you want to play in a concert band, flutegroup or orchestra, we’d love you to join us.

BBC Ariel Orchestra meets every three weeks as a “scratch” at BBC Maida Vale on Sunday afternoons. Some of our regulars are professional standard, some are adult learners, and some haven’t dusted off their instrument for years. We welcome you all, whether you come every session or just occasionally. Recent repertoire has included Mendelssohn, Prokofiev and Mozart/Beethoven Piano Concertos with a guest soloist. The orchestra aims for keen amateur standard, but plays for pleasure and we don’t mind in the slightest when we get it wrong! We’re a small, very friendly, encouraging group and sessions are often followed by a well-earned trip to the pub.

Cost to join

£10 p.a. with no further cost to take part in any of the groups where there are vacancies.

BBC Elstree Concert Band was founded more than twenty years ago, and has since shifted base – it also rehearses at BBC Maida Vale, on Monday evenings. The band now has over 40 regular players and an eclectic repertoire from Gershwin to Beethoven, from John Barry to Elgar. Concerts are held in London and beyond, with tours in the UK and Europe every couple of years. The Band needs full brass/woodwind plus percussion and string bass, at around Grade 8 standard. The Musical Director is Andrew Morley (Trinity College of Music, London) and the Principal Guest conductor is Mike Crisp. Regular commitment is required. There are social events, and trips to the pub after rehearsals!

Beebflutes is a small and friendly group of flautists who’ve met every few weeks at lunchtime for the past few years – now we’ve relocated from TVC to BH and looking to have a group in W1. We play intermediate music, from all styles and our standard is roughly grade 6 upwards – though we’d welcome hearing from people at earlier stages of playing. Beebflutes perform several times a year to raise money for Children In Need and to support BBC Club events.

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