These boots were made for walking and if yours are too then I suggest you take note…

Imagine a sunny day on the Cumbrian Coast. The landscape steals your breath away and the only sounds you can hear are sheep, and the waves on the cliffs below. To your left the Irish Sea, and in front St. Bees Head. Or, sweep through a field of blood red poppies and long grasses, on a warm summer’s afternoon… if this sounds like your kind of escape, then rambling is for you.


Rambles (usually circular) are between 6 and 12 miles every 3rd Sunday in the Home Counties. Lunch will be at a local pub, or bring your own. We organise the occasional weekends and weeks away in more challenging terrain. We also hold barbecues and schedule some walks which are suitable for members’ young families.

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Secretary : Paula Cowin

Membership: Cora Flynn

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