BBC Club Lottery Terms & Conditions

Under the terms of the Gambling Act 2005, the BBC (London) Club’s lottery is run as a private lottery.

  1. The Draw shall be promoted for the BBC London Club, here in after known as “The Club”.
  2. The Promoter of the Draw shall be the Managing Director.
  3. All Full, Affiliate, Retired, Club Life and Friends & Family BBC Club members over the age of 18 years will be eligible to participate in the Draw subject to scrutiny by the promoter in consultation with the Club’s board of Directors. Members must pay for their shares by the same payment method as they pay their Club subscription e.g. members who pay subscriptions via a payroll must pay for their lottery shares via the same payroll; pensioner members must pay via pension payroll and non payrolled members must pay by Direct Debit. Life members who do not pay a membership subscription may choose to pay either by payroll, pensions payroll or direct debit.
  4. Employees of the BBC Club or employees of the BBC who work mainly or wholly with the Club are not eligible to participate in the lottery. From time to time, other categories of member may also be excluded from participation in the lottery…
  5. Members must have a minimum of 5 paid shares. There is no maximum number of shares.
  6. Allocation of stake money to prizes will be at the discretion of the Club Board of Directors. The current allocations will be made available on request, but shall not be less that 50% of contributions.
  7. The number and amount of the prizes shall be set according to stake monies available.
  8. The Draw shall take place every calendar month and the names of the winners will be available from BBC Club subject to their consent according to GDPR. 
  9. All winners will be notified by telephone or post. All prize monies will be sent to members’ preferred address. The BBC Club will make every reasonable effort to trace and contact prizewinners. In the unlikely event of the Club being unable to trace a prizewinner, the prize money will be held for 12 calendar months pending claim by the prizewinner after which it will be returned to the Club as income.
  1. Prizes shall only be awarded as follows: to the person to whom the winning chance was sold; providing the subscription for the draw has been paid; the winner is a valid full Club member.
  2. Each Draw shall consist of automated random selection of numbers from all numbers allocated to members for the completed period.
  3. The claim period ends at 11pm on the 365th day after the relevant draw.
  4. In order to cancel or reduce the number of lottery shares, a member must give advance notification of at least 1 calendar month to BBC Club Member Services. This means that shares reduced or cancelled in a month must be paid for in that month and will be entered into the draw for that month and the cancellation or reduction will take place from the following month. Therefore, for example, a share cancelled on 2 March will be paid for in March and entered into the draw at the end of March. It will not be paid for in April and will not be entered into the draw at the end of April.
  5. Lottery members paying by Direct Debit and wishing to cease their lottery subscriptions are responsible for informing their Bank or Building Society to stop payments as well as the notifying the Club.
  6. Lottery members paying by Payroll and wishing to cease their lottery subscriptions should email and the shares will cease in the following months draw in line with BBC Payroll cut off dates.
  7. The Club reserves the right to redraw a ticket or tickets on any Draw if this should, in the reasonable view of the promoter, be required for any reason.
  8. The liability of the promoter, BBC Club, its officers, members, employees, agents and BBC Club Board of Directors in respect of any claim for loss for any reason whatsoever in connection with the lottery is limited to the face value of the share(s) of a member.
  9. For any queries or complaints about the lottery, please refer in the first instance to the BBC Club on 020 8752 6666 externally,  mail to BBC (London) Club Lottery c/o Zone A Second Floor, London Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA, or via the Club website